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The Available Warehouses Team has been responsible for many of the largest recent lease and sale transactions in Southern California. Our strategically located office in the San Fernando Valley allows us to efficiently service all areas of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and Ventura County. is the child prodigy of its’ parent company, Beitler Commercial Realty Services. Designed by 33-Year Veteran Ron Kassan, one of our main goals is to bring unlisted and off-market listings to the attention of those looking for investments and industrial properties.

Our Industrial Team, led by Ron Kassan and Art Minassian, has closed over $330 Million in Industrial Building & Land Transactions in the last five years. Whether you’re looking for a 10,000 s.f. building to lease, or a 50,000 s.f. building to buy, The Available Warehouses Team brings you opportunities not yet published on Loopnet, Costar, AIR, Craigslist, Ten-X, CityFeet, and more. 

As an added benefit, we have a handful of agents with whom we trade information. If one of our “Friendly Competitors” brings us knowledge of a building that can be bought, sold, or leased, we’ll gladly pay them a fee, and bring that opportunity to you. 

Our Industrial Team is dynamic, innovative, and in pace with the constantly changing trends of the Southern California Real Estate Industry. We are proactive, not simply reactive, and enjoy the distinction of being a highly successful Commercial Real Estate Team.

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- Joe Allegretti of Allegretti & Company

Ron and Arthur were in tune with my family and our needs. Ron accompanied me on trips out of state to tour the properties. We found several newer, better producing properties in three states outside of California. Full service doesn't even begin to describe these guys. I can't recommend them highly enough; they are that good."

- Max Kaizer of Rexford Industrial

“If you want to Buy Real Estate in the San Fernando Valley, one would be wise to consider calling the Beitler Industrial Team. They are professional, experienced, and by far, some of the hardest working agents I’ve ever encountered in this business.” 

- Danny Spar of Spar Investments Co.

"There's no agent or team of agents that our family enjoys doing business with more than the Available Warehouses Team. Ron has represented us for over 20 years and we plan on continuing our association for many more." 

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